School of CAR-T


The last 4–5 years have ushered in a new era in hematological malignancies therapy, with the advent and approval of multiple novel agents, between which CAR-T cell approaches are playing a important role.
At the same time, there is an increasing understanding of tumor biology, creating the rationale for new combinations of drugs and new therapy development.
The numerous ongoing trials evaluating the role of CAR-T in different tumors, with well-designed correlative interrogations of the immune system in patients treated in such trials, will further enhance our understanding of these new opportunities.
In this scenario, our aim is to create a international team, integrating a big faculty composed by international experts, which will integrate with a group of young researchers with known experience in this disease (“SOHO CAR-T cantera”), in order to share projects and preclinical and clinical new clinical trials, in different fields of these heterogeneous diseases.
The “cantera” (Under40) will be selected through projects’ submission and CV evaluation, which will be performed by the big faculty, and will be able to be integrated in next editions.